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20 Years Murder Case Concluded Monday With Evidence”JonBenet Killed By Brother Burke”

CBS documentary the case of JonBenet was concluded Monday, team investigation of the 20years murder case and came up with conclusion that JonBenet Ramsey was killed by her older brother Burke, which their parents covered up 20years ago. Investigations were that they argued over a piece of pineapple and tea late night snack. JonBenet had attempted to take some of Burke bowl of pineapple, Pasty had left for Burke when JonBenet had attempted for some while Burke struck his sister with a flashlight killing her.

The parent at that time 20 years ago had made a 911 call on December 26, 1996 that her six years old daughter had been kidnapped from their family home Boulder, Colorado.There were no charges made and parent had always denied any Involvement in JonBenet’s Death.

However, the CBS documentary the case of JonBenet’s concluding the evidence that Burke who was nine at the time of JonBenet death was responsible for her death, also explaining that Burke had at one time struck his sister with a golf club losing his temper and left the little sister with a scare on her face before her death.Evidence also states that It is not a case of murder and could have been an accident.

‘We didn’t see that here,’ the retired supervisory FBI agent James Fitzgerald. ‘But maybe we did. Maybe we saw it with her brother – do everything we can to protect this child, adding ‘We see it with the letters. We also see it in press conferences and was seen every step along the way’


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