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Diane Guerrero Struggle Revealed.

Diane Gurrero


The actress Diane Guerrero who is working on the popular Netflix series ”Orange” reveals her journey down the line, ” retuning from school one afternoon who would think such division was going to come between her and her family she was only 14 years old and came back home to meet that her family was no more, they were sent back to their home country Columbia, with so much to learn along growing up as a teenager she struggle through been depressed filled with anxiety on what the future holds for her. The immigration could be crisis for many families sticking together.

However, Diane Guerrero manage her way through this unpleasant situation all these she reveals in her memoir. Life is a journey sometime like a roller-coaster ride, smooth, tough, pleasant, seems harder for some nothing you can imagine, every tunnel has a light at the end, it could be happy or at worst a sad ending what is your story?

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