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Dashcam Of Shooting An Unarmed 40years Old Man


Tulsa police have released devastating dashboard camera footage of the fatal shooting of a local pastor Friday night, showing he was unarmed and had his hands in the air at the time of his death.

The 40 years old man goes by the name Terence Crutcher was teased by officer Tyler Turnbough and later shoot by Officer Betty Shelby,he died at the hospital on Friday,Jeanne MacKenzie police spokeperson said.

However, police officer said Crutcher said after the breakdown of his SUV on the road crutcher was asked to raise his hand but refused as said by the officer.

Unfortunately, the dashcam had a different story from what the officers had claimed the dashcam shows that Crutcher had raised his hand up in the air, and was surrounded by four officers, officer Betty Shelby shoot him caught on dashcam. Report shows that Crutcher had no guns in his SUV, aslo officer Betty shelby at the time of the shooting was paid on administrative leave while shooting took place.

The video clearly is disturbing the question is what would have led to the shooting of Crutcher a man with his hands clearly up in the air?


Picture of Crutcher and his twin sister.

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