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Fashion Fun Quiz


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Fashion is an attitude of style,repeating cloths sometimes unconsciously may be due to loss trend in which new fashion trends comes up occasionally meaning, you need to keep up with them.

However, keeping up with those trends could be hard when too busy because all that is needed to you  at that time is stepping out. The latest trend of fashion inspiration could be from simple inspiration on daily activities. Below is a quiz to see if you fall under the category of weak trend, lack of fashion information, or top trends, answer Y/N to them and if any falls” Yes ” means you need a little updates on fashion trend, add comments below.

  1. How many times do you find yourself wearing same cloths for 2 months 10 time Y/N?
  2. How many times do you send same cloths to the laundry 5 times Y/N?
  3. How many picture showing same style of clothing do you have 4? Y/N?



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