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Healthy Lifestyle Turns Habit

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Healthy lifestyle begins at home, teaching your kids a healthy lifestyle should begin from the parents who sets a healthy standard of living for the kids because some habit are hard to quite when they are all independent and responsible enough, but when its a tradition its passed on to the upcoming generation.

However, starting could seem hard just like any other changes in life but regardless persistence is the key to success, kids love challenges and games put some life of game into your goal, start by trying sectional plates with friendly colors like green which indicates veggies, orange for fruits, white for carbon hydrates and brown for protein, before starting have a friendly chat with the kids indicating how it could help them staying healthy use examples of  things they find fun and interesting make them understand that only if they stay healthy they could achieve and then give them examples of bad things that could happen if they do not stay healthy, kids love to visualize thing and then explain the colors on the plate. Reward them with a prize if those are achieved all through the week which would eventually turn to months and years on before it eventually becomes a family tradition.

Introducing some fun activity if those challenges are met each week like some out door swim, play grounds which in turn happens to be a form of exercise for them and also where they could socialize with peers. Eventually goals are met and you find that you have succeeded in introducing a good habit without emphasis.

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