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Kanye West Covers W Magazine Standing Alone “Let Talk Fashion”




Kanye West Covers W Magazine we all know that Kanye has a collection called ”Yeezy” this summer he put up anger and doubt about his collection that was put up in The Plaza , singing ” let’s have a toast to the douchebags expressing ” No matter what they said I just couldn’t stop” evidently referring to his critics that’s sure determination revealing that It didn’t matter is Yeezy was a success but he desired respect and would not stop until he gets what he desires.

Lets Talk Fashion

Yeah, like five years old. I just liked picking out my own outfit for kindergarten. Now my daughter definitely picks out her own outfits and she will lay it down and look at it and say, ‘This is not great.’ And then she tries to tell me what to wear and what she likes out of the closet, like just my mom being in a fur store and me picking one and saying, ‘I like this one mom,’ and her looking at the price and it being the most expensive one. So, I think that’s where I got the expensive taste from. And now, after having expensive taste – you know, going from expensive taste to just taste and learning the languages, the communication and where the decisions come from and then digging into something deeper that I am now able to communicate with my apparel that’s different than anything else out there. I remember I did this collection with A.P.C., with [founder] Jean Touitou, and there were people who came to see it and said, ‘I thought you were going to have a bunch of graphics on your stuff’ and and they just try to pinpoint what they expect from you as a musician and they almost come over to look more as a joke than to take it seriously. Think of how it is now – [Yeezy] is one of the leading trendsetting brands now; like top four trendsetting brands.

Kanye West talk about being an inspiration to the world and he talk about success as a definition of success He also added that he knows a lot of people are not on his side with fashion saying ”they do not know who I am and would not know until I’ m gone” .

Kanye this is so complicated we understand but someday people will see the true side of Kanye, every business is not really understood at the start but years down the road people begin to understand the Journey down the road forgetting that they never once supported your dreams advice keep believing in yourself.




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