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London Stand Up, The Lamborghinis, Ferraris And Bentleys Boys Are Here

The Ferrari and a Lamborghini  selfie in London the street stood in motion as these car came by with people in the street taking selfie with the cars.

Via Daily Mail:

The brothers who run the secret club of self-confessed ‘boy racers’ who caused gridlock on Piccadilly Circus last night said today they are the ‘responsible’ face of supercars and blamed the public for the jam.

Drivers in Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Bentleys worth more than £1.6million stopped traffic in the West End for 15 minutes so they could take selfies and pose with their cars. 

Many drove through central London with their car sound systems on full blast before stopping under the famous Piccadilly Circus electronic signs.

Shabs Ahmad, who helps run the group Piccadilly Boy Racers with his brother Kash, said the event was a ‘secret supercar meet’ to avoid ‘riff-raff’ and no ‘d*******’ drivers. 

Kash told MailOnline he spoke to the police last night and said they were ‘quite happy’ with the behaviour of the group and said they only stopped because pedestrians ‘swamped’ them.

Explaining that the ‘PBR’ is a private club he said: ‘We are a responsible. We don’t want hooligans or riff-raff. People who don’t have a supercar so the only way get noticed is to show off, do burnouts and put people in danger – that’s not what we do.  


This must have been an experience for everyone, as we see photo and video all in motion, stand up London.

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