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Marriage Mesures Preventing Divorce Today

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Marriage is a union between two people sealed with vows either by the law or religion, ever imagined why marriages break today ? People once in love and now can no longer stand to be with each other? The reasons are simple and really are no rules on how to make a marriage work better than the other but some simple steps could be a guide line or road map to achieving piece of mind and building your relationship to be best ability.

  1. Love yourself : loving yourself reflects on the outside when people see you, knowing what you desire and what are your priorities, men like to see the picture of a woman within that reflects on the outside, while some likes the beauty from outside before they would really learn to like what the inner has to offer but the truth remains that most men who love simply for physical appearances later gets bored eventually when the reflection of who the woman truly is begins to unfold.
  2. Acceptance: Marriage brings two imperfect people together your likes could be his dislikes and his dislikes could be your likes, this may not be an issue at first because you both are high up in LOVE but as the spikes begins to reduce you start asking questions and noticing faults which was not really an issue but this is the time to make the best out of that fault by positively bringing out the best of that person. Humor is the best way  its relaxes a tensed issue.
  3. Self Development: Discover yourself what makes you happy? what is your passion? be physically active these are things that fills that space of unhappiness because sitting and thinking of problems that you are faced with never yields a solution to fixing that problem but rather leaves you with no clues on how to solve them. Physical activities not only helps you solve that problem but helps your general well being of becoming healthy, these are simple measure to help stay focus and challenges make you stronger, most times are motivations in achieving your dreams. However, these could bring some old flames back to life because as human nature would be change is the only thing that is constant and all of these could be that change that your marriage needs.

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